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1st-Aug-2010 11:53 am
La Corda D'Oro

Recently Seen:
░░ (* オススメ)

In a Movie Theater:

The Artist
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
Captain America
X-Men: First Class
Sucker Punch - better than that clusterfuck of fail, Watchmen. That first "battle" with the giant samurai and Bjork's Army of Me was good, but it was downhill from there :/
Battle: Los Angeles - the aliens were boring. Cheesy acting, shitty script. Hope this isn't the beginning of a franchise.
True Grit - it's been a while since I last watched a western. This is a good one. All the principle leads were excellent, but the actress that plays Maddie was something else. Very impressive.
Resident Evil 3D: Afterlife - Stupidest part of the movie had to be the sequence where Alice reunites with Claire. She (Claire) had been running wild for 6 months - she was dirty, hadn't bathed in months, etc. One minute, Claire is a total mess, the next minute she's not just clean, but her eyebrows are perfectly shaped and she's wearing makeup. WTF. Why the hell did I watch this tripe? Mika Nakashima's cameo was wasted. Paul W.S. Anderson and Uwe Boll are probably two of the worst directors still working.
Step Up 3D - can't believe I shelled out $15 to watch this in 3D...
Salt - That make-up job they did on Angelina Jolie (the one where they tried to make her look like a man) was so awful. It looked like they had interns do it. It was terribly unnatural looking and laughable. Can't believe that hack job got greenlighted.
Toy Story 3 * - I teared up TWICE while watching this. Very sentimental film that made me long for the My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake dolls I had when I was a kid.
Kick Ass - A lot more entertaining and violent than I thought it was going to be. Nic Cage in his element. Had a lot of fun watching this with an audience.
Hot Tub Time Machine - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Hangover. Raunchy, but still fun.
Alice in Wonderland - Visually stunning, but not as memorable as Tim Burton's other work.
Legion - why did I spend money on this??? Worst film of 2010.
Sherlock Holmes
Planet 51 - bleh
2012 - if you don't think too much about it, it's actually enjoyable
Astro Boy - Nice CGI, some highbrow humour, but too rushed at the end.
Zombieland - Bill Murray... Come to think about it, this movie sucked a big one. It tried to be in the vein of Shaun of the Dead, but it failed miserably.
Pandorum - A true sc-fi film. Equal parts Event Horizon, Sunshine, and The Chronicles of Riddick.
Whiteout - bleh
District 9 *
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Bruno - bleh
Angels and Demons - WTF is up w/yo hair Tom Hanks.
UP - made me cry.

Recently rented or seen online:

Being There*
Cowboys & Aliens
Gosford Park
Young Victoria
Spinal Tap
Easy Virtue
The Big Lebowski
Attack the Block
The Back Woods
The Class
The Box
500 Days of Summer
The A-Team
The Life of David Gale
Better Off Dead
The Fall* - Why did it take so long for me to watch this? Really beautiful movie, but Lee Pace's character was such a (gorgeous) douchebag.
Hanna - The end of the movie ruined the experience
The Prestige* - Another exceptional film that I waited too long to see. Really loved this. It's like PKD meets O. Henry.
Perfect Getaway - Better than expected. Even though I knew the twist, that opening scene still fucked with my head.
Source Code* - Nice scifi flick, but the loser in it all is the guy that Jake's character took over.
Quarantine 2 - Not bad. Actually enjoyed this, but plot holes galore.
Priest - not nearly as bad as I expected.
Iron Man 2 - Where did Don Cheadle come from???
Iron Man -...OK. So, now I know what all the hype was about. This is actually a pretty good movie. Really enjoyable.
Tron Legacy* - Much better than I expected. Olivia Wilde brought the film down. Her fight scenes were so fake, which made it hard for me to believe in her character... Also, Daft Punk's score was awesome.
Sanctum - Don't get why so many people on imdb hate this film. It's not that bad. The son was whiny little bitch, and the acting was cheesy, but the underwater scenes seemed believable enough.
Creep - Guy that directed Triangle and Severance directed this film too. It was just ok. The real star is the London Underground and it's general spookiness.
The Room of Death - The shitty DVD cover did not prepare me for this French version of The Silence of the Lambs. Actually, the film felt like an extended version of one of those Danish crime shows or those British dramas like Prime Suspect. Still, a pretty good film with a twist that I saw a mile away.
D-13: Ultimatum - I liked the first movie, so it was a bummer to see how shitty this sequel is D:
Burning Bright - BEST trapped in a house with a Bengal Tiger movie that I have ever seen! Honestly, not bad at all. Scene where the girl was hiding in the laundry shoot while the tiger was pacing under her was tense.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - so emo and dark, but better than expected.
Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader - legit forgot that there was a second movie. The Keynes kid is related to Darwin and Maynard Keynes. Damn.
Centurion - remarkably good film by the guy that directed The Descent.
Skyline - same visual team that did Battle: Los Angeles. In many ways, Skyline is the superior film. Great sci-fi ending :D
Dance of the dead
While she was out
Let Me In
Never Let Me Go
Double Take
Case 39 - Alvert directed this (same guy that directed Pandorum). Not a bad thriller/horror movie at all. Better than expected and I like Jodelle Ferland. She impressed me with her performance in Tideland. AND she has a twitter! She's not an adorable little kid anymore O__o
Pirahna (remake) - A lot of T&A in this. Mindless fun, but the original was better.
Buried - Better than expected! Not a Renolds fas, but he was pretty believable here.
Winter's Bone * - The female lead in this deserves her Golden Globe nomination. Great work. The tone of this movie reminded me of Frozen River. Gripping stuff.
Fido - Satrirical zombie move set in a 1950's-esque America. As if the subjects in those Norman Rockwell pieces walked out of them and are living out World War Z :D
Departures * - No wonder this won the Best Foreign Picture Oscar.
Triangle * - Such a mind fuck. Awesome movie.
The Time Machine
The Human Centipede - Visually, this was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Didn't live up to the hype. Grace and Dans ma Peau left more of an impression... Martyrs too.
Grace - certain parts of this movie creeped me out. On several occasions, I had to readjust my bra because I got freaked out. My skin was actually crawling. Last time a movie affected me on a visceral level was Dans ma Peau. That movie got stuck in my head for days...
Haute Tension - Finally watched this. Not nearly as good as I was lead to believe, but better than most horror movies out there.
Trick R Treat - Surprised by how decent this was. Well-executed film. Reminded me of the old Tales from the Crypt and Twilight Zone movies. Nicely done.
Severance - black humor at it's finest :D
Hachi: A Dog's Tale - everyone will cry while watching this movie. Everyone, male and female alike.
The Objective
Shutter Island - rather pretentious. Nowhere near the mindfuck I was expecting. Momento and The Usual Suspects still reign in that category.
Tidal Wave - the last 20 mins of the movie is the only reason to sit through this crap. The Tsunami is the only highlight of an otherwise shitty film.
Survival of the Dead
Mother * - the same director as Memories of Murder. The character that plays the son in the movie is named "Doojoon." hahahaha.
Dead Snow - zombie nazis meets shaun of the dead :D
Descent 2 - Why the hell would anyone want to go back into those fucking caves?! Still, not bad for a sequel. Lots of cameos and Juno is truly the HBIC.
Shuttle - Crappy and low budget, but the ending is sort of a twist...sort of. TAKEN-esque.
Downfall * - Damn fine movie on the last days of Hitler's life.
Avatar - better than expected. Maybe I should've seen this in a movie theatre...
The Blind Side - melodramatic, but still good :D
Pontypool - impressed. Much of the gore is described, but still effective!
The Mutant Chronicles - hmmm...interesting, and had a Sin City look to it. Just ok as far as rentals go.
Dog Soldiers * - FINALLY found this. Actually, now I own this! BEST werewolves I've ever seen.
The Children's Hour * - so good. Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous. And the subject matter of this movie...dayum. Hard to believe they gave this production the green light.
The Tube
Public Enemies
The Hurt Locker *
Bright Star
Eden Lake - the ending...wtf.
Paranormal Activity - preferred the alt. ending
Attack the Gas Station - made a point to watch this because BEAST did the theme song to AtGS 2.
Memories of Murder * Damn good movie. So frustrating to watch.
Monster Squad * Totally '80s. Can't believe I never saw this movie before.
The Hangover
Alien vs. Predator -Surprisingly good!
Star Trek
Pistol Opera - sadly, this is one of Suzuki Seijun's weakest movies D:
Outlander - Futuristic Viking movie...sounds like an oxymoron
The Chaser * Winner of several Korean movie awards for good reason
The Children - British Horror. One of the few movies I've seen where children are actually killed on screen!!
Sleep Dealer - Futuristic movie that takes place in Mexico. No one crosses the border anymore and instead work virtually through machines and probes that are implanted in their skin.
Doomsday - lol
Planet Terror
Grizzly Man *
Encounters at End of the World
Speed Racer - much better than I expected
City of Violence - cameo by the Drifters Crew!
Eastern Promises
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Planet B-Boy *
Cha no Aji
Overnight (documentary on the director of The Boondock Saints. That guy was an asshole.)
My Kid Could Paint That
Match Point
Winged Migration
Lord of War
Sukiyaki Western Django *
Time *
Crows Zero (If not for the gratuitous and completely pointless singing scenes by Oguri's love interest, it would have been an awesome Miike movie. ケンジ飛べー!)

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan - The female lead, Hana, totally looks like Kazunari Ninomiya O____O They could be siblings!
My Girl (currently) - w/Aiba from Arashi ♥
My Boss, My Hero (currently) - Gotta finish this! Just as good as people say.
Samurai High School (currently)
Otomen (currently)
Orobouros no Inu (currently)
Life * (Damn good drama on bullying. Ending was a bit too Pollyana though)
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Stand Up!

Princess Hours - slow as f***
Sad Love Story
Will it Snow for Christmas?
You are Beautiful
Women of the Sun *

Both seasons of Emma

Ravenous *
Testament *
The Boondock Saints
The Day After
13 Tzameti *

Slice of Life movies:
Match Point
Cha no Aji

Let the Right One In
Ils (They)

French New Wave Horror:
Dans ma peau - not really horror, but disturbing.
Frontieres - meh

Rubber Reality/Fuck with yo' head movies:
The Quiet Earth *
Time Crimes *
Dark City *
The Thirteenth Floor
The Jacket - meh
The City of Lost Children
Imposter *
Eden Log

Full Metal Jacket *
Tales of Iwo Jima *
Flags of Our Fathers
Empire of the Sun
Tae Guk-Gi

Encounters at End of the World
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Planet B-Boy
Winged Migration
March of the Penquins
My Kid Could Paint That

Want to Find:
La Hora Fria
Dog Soldiers - why is this so hard to find?! FOUND!

Book List

Currently Reading:

Far North

Recently Read:

Murder on the Orient Express
Captain Wentworth's Diary
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
The Fall
The Strain
The Seven Dials Mystery
The Giver
The Diving Pool by Yoko Ogawa
Missing by Sarah Langan - Just alright. Kind of fell apart at the end - it felt too rushed. Plus, it seems to set up a sequel.
Watashi no Megane-kun
Marco's Millions
Among the Dolls
Interstellar Pig
The Green Futures of Tycho
Let the Right One In
World War Z
All three of the Monster Island books...lol

On Permanent hold:
Parasite Eve
The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein

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