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BEAST / B2ST covers post 
28th-Mar-2010 07:21 pm

* Beautiful cover of Eric Benet's "Cracks of My Broken Heart." Yoseob looks like he's really feeling the song as opposed to just singing the words he memorized. Fantastic cover.

* Cover of Boyz II "Men Ease your Mind." Doojoon's vocals are excellent here and Yoseob blew me away with his runs. Very cool that Junhyung made up the rap at the end. Great collab by all three boys.

* Cover of R.L's "Good Man." All the boys sound great here. Maknae surprised me with how versatile his voice is!

* Cover of Noel's "Despite Holding On." BEAST is one of the few male kpop idol groups that can harmonize this well while singing live. Junhyung is also one of those rare rappers that can actually sing :D

* I thought the boys did an excellent cover of 2PM's "Again and Again." Their vocals and choreo were excellent that night. They got a lot of crap because people thought they were singing along to a pre-recorded track. I don't care about that. The vocals (pre-recorded or not) were still great. TBH, I actually prefer BEAST's version of the song to the original because I think Doojoon and Junhyung are better rappers than Chansung and Taec.

* Really fabulous cover of Arashi's "Blue." I was really impressed with their Japanese pronunciation! The only word that stuck out like a sore thumb was "setsunakute," which sounded like "shetshu nakute" to me. lol. Other than that, I was blown away by this and I think the Japanese fans that night were thrilled by how good this cover was.

* Another fantastic cover of an Eric Benet song by Yoseob. This time it was "The Last Time." lol. Beautiful vocals by Yoseob of course. I can tell that the Suju boys and the other guests in that day were impressed. Yoseob should just release a cd full of love song covers already. I can picture people playing it at weddings. Who wouldn't want Yoseobie's beautiful vocals playing while they get married!

* Yoseob sang 4 Men's"Baby Baby" and totally impressed the female guest sitting next to him. He also sang a beautiful cover of "Gohae" by Lim Jae Bum. I thought they should have let him sing the entire song on his own. The other guy (Nam Chahee?) caused the song to sound like a parody of the original.

* If you've had a shitty day, watch this video. Yoseob and Daniel singing "Nice & Slow" back when they were both still trainees at M.Boat. The opening is hiarious and watching Yoseob sing the lines "I want to get freaky with you" is the funniest thing evah.

* Pre-debut Yoseob singing "The Last Time" in high school. Notice how about half-way through the song, all the audience members stfu. It's like they collectively realized that they were hearing something good. lol. Yoseob has the kind of voice that would make anyone shut up so that they can hear him.

* Pre-debut Yoseob singing Champion at M.Boat.

All on the Tube. A collection of my favorite BEAST covers :D This is a work in progress.

13th-Apr-2010 04:08 am (UTC) - randomly stumbled upon your journal & this post...
but i just want to say that this post is made of so much win! I could seriously listen to Yoseob singing all day and night. His voice is seriously magical and he has so many variations to it.

I seriously got goosebumps while watching the first video. why is he so talented?

The boyz to men performance is really good too. Doojoon sings it really well and Junhyung's rapping is excellent.

Urgh, I feel weird about the state of obsession i am @ with this group. iltsfm!
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