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[100218] BEAST for High Cut (Issue No. 23) now w/ English translations! 
27th-Feb-2010 09:29 pm
La Corda D'Oro
BEAST for High Cut: Take a look inside their bags

Manly Leader Doojoon

So cool! Handsome! Manly! Charismatic leader Doojoon's (카할트)Kahalteh big bag was given to him as a Christmas present from one of his fans. His book is the first thing that stands out. "I try to read whenever I have time. I read a lot of short stories on trivia knowledge." Canon IXUS 200 IS digital camera. "Our management gave it to us so we could upload selcas." Paul Smith's Cologne was given to him as a gift by director Jo Yunchul (from DANBI) on their way back from Cambodia. Hand gel cleanser is said to be Doojoon's must necessity. "I started using it due to the H1N1 epidemic, but now it became a habit. Already used up ten bottles." Due to his phone number being leaked to the public, his phone was evidently changed. Like a hot-idol, he now carries the ever so popular iPhone. "All those pictures I'd posted on my mini homepage were taken by my iPhone." The Face's Apple-shaped Fruit Bowl Hand Cream is said to be something he cherishes a lot. "I not only have an apple one, but also have it in tangerine and peach. There was an incident where our cleaning lady thought my peach hand cream was an actual peach and placed it in the fruit drawer of the refrigerator.

Blonde Mascot Yoseob

The laughing blonde and charming cutie Yoseob's essential item is the Eastpak backpack. "Because my sister won this prize at a journal picture contest and gave it to me as a gift, it is very valuable to me." Since his trainee days, he is on his 4th notebook where he memos stories about his lessons, his study on his lyric composing, and thoughts that suddenly come to his mind. In one side of his bag, he is valuably treasuring his fan letters. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Polaroid Camera is a gift from a fan. He says, "Just when I needed a wallet in my car, a fan gave me one as a birthday gift. I'm so thankful," and doesn't forget his thanks. The 120G Ipod and the Nintendo DS is a valuable friend during boring waiting times and traveling times. He brags openly by saying, "Among the BEAST members, I'm first place for Mario Kart." After getting terrible colds and aches and realizing the importance of health now, without fail, Yoseob packs and eats products that are good for his body. From the talk of Korean ginseng, red ginseng ingredients in capsules and the Younggaksan Powder that 'doesn't make a sound,' are for 90 year olds, and is an item that doesn't match Yoseob's sweet age of 20 years old. "I heard that Younggaksan Powder is good for your throat. So, before I go up on stage, I always eat one spoonful."

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 is a surprising Polaroid Camera given to me as a gift from a fan. In my memory notebook, I write down things I learned since my trainee days. The birthday gift, Apple Ipod 120G with sufficient capacity cannot be filled up no matter what I do. I always get 1st place for Mario Kart among the members. Because I can't get sick, I usually strengthen myself with red ginseng. Before I go up on stage, I eat one spoonful of Younggaksan Powder.
*Younggaksan Powder is a vitamin/medicine that helps with the throat.

BEAST's edgy man, Hyunseung

Characterized by a pint-size head adorned with puppy-like innocent eyes, Hyunseung carries around designer Woo Yongmi's "Solid Homme" bag. "A nuna whom I was close with prior to my debut gave it to me as gift." Also spotted in his bag is a Japanese magazine . Because he liked the street snapshot front cover, he became a subscriber to the magazine. Due to the colorful patterns, he bought the SWG hat and Phenomenon shirt in Japan. Because he had gotten them while he was back dancer for the first time for Kim Jongkook, he states that he has somewhat of a special attachment to these items. The star-studded belt was given to him by G-Dragon, which he now prizes as a memorable gift. "Although I'd gotten it in the middle of winter in 2005... because I like the star decoration, I wear this one a lot." The striking skull-decorated Prada mini wallet was given to him as a gift by a fan. "Because of this wallet, I carry around a bag." Givenchy cologne was given to me from of our representatives. "While coming back from Taiwan promotions, he gave this to me as a gift. Because it's a scent that I actually like, I plan on using this from now on." !6G iPod was gifted by a fan. Enjoys listening to OST...which he strongly recommends.

Charismatic Rapper Junhyung

Rapper Junhyung, who shoots out explosive charisma on stage, usually has a gentle image. His Raf Simons Eastpak Big Pack is a gift from his parents. He has been using his Gucci wallet for 5 years since 9th grade of high school. His beanie hat is an essential item that cannot flee. "Because the fallen hairstyle is boring, when my schedule ends, I immediately raise my hair and pull on the hat." He always packs his bankbook that contains his fortunes. "Because I can't memorize my account number, I always carry it around with me. Because I do internet shopping a lot, I carry my security card." The Doctor Dre Earphones is an item that he is attached to. "Before the Korean sale [of the earphones], I always wanted it, but when they were sponsored, I was so happy," and he laughed. Creed Silver Mountain Water is known as Creed's Premium Perfume by Seo Inyoung's perfume. Ä fan gave this to me as a gift, but in the beginning, I thought it was a mist. When we were returning from our promotions from Taiwan, I realized it was a perfume. If the scent is strong, my nose and head hurts, but I'm using it because the scent is gentle." The glasses are from the great member, Yoseob. "My face swells up easily, but when I wear these glasses, I can hide my swelling. So, I always carry it around with me."

I'm using my Gucci wallet for the 5th year. The bankbook contains all my fortunes. The Doctor Dre Earphones is an essential item that I've always wanted. The Creed Silver Mountain Water Perfume pleases my mind. Right when I come down from the stage, I pull on the beanie hat. The glasses are a gift from Yoseob, and it's useful when my face swells up.

Roofkick's Charming Angel, Kikwang

Resembling Yoo Seungho at first glance, the Stooshie backpack was gifted by a fan for Kikwang, the
owner of charming smiles. Inside the bag, a 'Roofkick' script occupies a space [in the bag]. "Because a perfect script usually comes when the day approaches, I use it at the scene. I print parts that I need and I carry it around with me." The Nike exercise gloves and the exercise rubber band is a must-have item for Kikwang's fitness. "By wearing the gloves, you don't get calluses on your palms. When I have to quickly make my body before broadcasts, the exercise rubber band is useful. It is an effective way for exercising my shoulders, arms, and triceps." In the dry winter, the Atrix hand cream is an essential product. "If your hands and feet get cold, they can dry up easily. So, I frequently put [the lotion on]." In his 120G Ipod, it is packed with videos and the latest songs. "I always download the latest albums. I try listening to them often for about 2-3 weeks." The passport wallet is a gift from a fan. "While I was active as AJ, the studios that I visited in Japan and Thailand are stamped in here," and he showed us. He doesn’t forget about the fan letters. "Nowadays, I'm so tired that when I lay my head down, I automatically fall asleep. But, I'm trying to read them all."

The Nike exercise gloves prevent calluses from forming on my palms. I always carry the 'Roof Kick' script. I used the passport wallet since my AJ days. Because my hands dry up easily, I frequently use the Atrix hand cream. The exercise rubber band is the secret to Lee Kikwang's triceps. On my Apple Ipod 120G, I always download the latest albums and continue to listen to them for 2-3 weeks.

Advent of the Male God, Dongwoon

No longer identified as a high schooler, the ever so blossoming beauty, Dongwoon, has a backpack that was actually previously owned by leader Yoon Doojoon. Characterized by his simple personality, he normally doesn’t like to carry around bags much and thus, prefers to just carry around an ipod. Nintendo DS is what he describes as an inseparable item to him. “Our composer hyung gave it to me as a graduation gift. Also carry around the charger as well. I like games that you can raise things.” Currently reading Bernard Werber’s ‘GOD’. “ I like to read a lot, particularly books related to science fiction, and conspiracy-theory. “The Guess® mini-wallet was given from my mom.” Contained in the wallet, you see a well-arranged polaroid photo and some bandaids. The nametag was given by one of the fans. “It’s an easy way to publicize yourself naturally.” Also was stated that he likes to carry around fan letters. “On average, I get around 10 letters a day. It’s a great source of encouragement to me while reading them in backstage.” The Bodyshop’s White Musk is said to be Dongwoon’s favorite cologne. “It’s a fragrance that brings back a lot of personal memories. You don’t realize how excited I was when I found this again.” Due to danger of the cold virus, he also carries around cold medicine, as well. And ended with a heartwarming remark, “reporternim, you should also take care of yourself.”

To see the original scans, please check out the old post here.

The interviews are so cute! A lot of their stuff is from (rich) fans. lol. I'm impressed with whoever gave Junhyung that Creed perfume (it's $250 at Neiman Marcus!!). And I wonder who gave out Doojoon's number?? Oh snap...the interviewer described Hyunseung as having a "pint" sized head. Yoseob's a sweetheart for thanking his fans. And Dongwoon, as always, is so adorable by asking the reporter to take care of his/her health ♥♥

CREDITS: HIGHCUT.CO.KR (SOURCE), kiwiannabear@B2ST Rising (TRANS), I upped the images :)
18th-May-2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
hi...after your comment on omona_lounge, I went here and omg I think you're awesome lol hi again :P
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