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Ad nauseam
BANANA FISH has closed down! 
21st-Jun-2010 04:01 am
La Corda D'Oro
I can't believe this. One of my favorite Japanese street brand labels, BANANA FISH, has shut down operations!

The Official Site is down for "maintenance." The Independent (UK) even wrote a blurb about it HERE.

This sucks because BF was a really cool Japanese street fashion brand. They had clothing for men and women and their pieces were vibrant and a lot of fun to wear. You could pair their stuff with lolita (sweet and EGL), along with decora, etc, etc. Some of my favorite pieces are by this brand ;_;

What makes this worse is the fact that their store staff apparently had no idea that the company was closing. I was just looking at the blog of one of their staff members at their Shimokitazawa location (下北沢店). In her last entry, she mentioned that Banana Fish was having it's 10th anniversary soon and to celebrate the event, they were giving customers 30% off all their merchandise at the store. I know I should upload these pics myself, but if girlfriend is out of a job now, I doubt she'll care about me stealing the bandwidth of a blog for a store that no longer exists. These are some examples of BF's latest collection and coordinate examples. まかさん、makiさん, 本当にすみません。

* Ironic that they released a "Decade Thanks" tee to commemorate their 10th year in operation O___O

It looks like their CEO is MIA. Maybe the company is in Chapter 11 behind the scenes? The announcement was quite sudden and both the staff and the stores' customers were taken by surprise. Point cards are no longer valid, items that were ordered can't be shipped and money needs to be refunded. The whole thing sounds sketchy as hell. I feel the most sorry for the store staff, the desginers, etc that didn't know that their company was in trouble. Being a shop staff member is SRS BSNS in Japan, so I can imagine how devastating this must be for them. Shop staff are featured in magazines, tv shows, etc.

Damn. I really liked this brand ;A; I was thinking about selling my BF items... I think I'll hang on to them now.
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